Basic Book Keeping for Tax Purposes

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A little basic book keeping can go a long way in keeping your business organized and profitable. You need to know how to efficiently collect your money, save it and spend or invest it wisely. If you want to succeed in business, you need to know about book keeping and financial management. Financial management is ….  Read More

Are my donations tax deductible??

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A donation is a gift, given in support of causes, charities or designated funds for charitable purposes. Donations go a long way in building communities and supporting the less-privileged in our society. Nigerian companies are generally taxed under the Companies Income Tax Act (CITA). The CITA exempts profits generated by companies engaged in certain public benefit activities ….  Read More

Coronavirus: Ethiopia Offers Tax Relief to Firms affected by COVID-19

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Ethiopia has offered tax relief to companies affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by the Minister for Finance, Eyob Tekalign. Firstly, companies affected by the pandemic would get relief for four months of income tax. Secondly, Companies who owe interest and penalties on outstanding taxes would have them cancelled. These companies have been ….  Read More