Under Nigerian Law, all businesses supplying taxable goods or services must register with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). This requirement covers incorporated companies and Registered Business names. As a general rule, a business is required to register at the FIRS office closest to its registered office.

Every business is also required to register with the closest office of the State Internal Revenue Service. This enables them to file personal income tax returns, as well as business premises.

Limited Companies are required to register for Companies Income Tax, Value Added Tax, and Personal Income Tax while Registered Business Names are required to register for Value Added Tax and Personal Income Tax.

Upon being granted Tax registration by the FIRS, a unique 10-digit VAT identification number is provided to the tax payer to use on invoices or when submitting VAT returns. This number is usually required by Banks, and other Financial Service Providers, and it can be very difficult to operate without this number.

To carry out your tax registration, we will need the certificate of incorporation or business registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Company Stamp or Seal, and the Utility Bill of its primary place of Business.

UBR Tax has garnered many years experience in Tax Registration and Tax File management. We help you navigate tax challenges and support you in dispute resolution.

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